What are Custom Lanyards?

Custom lanyards are very common at schools, companies, and institutions. They serve as an identification and promotional device for students, employees, and members. They are also called the imprinted lanyards because most of them feature logos, texts, and designs.

customlanyardsCompanies make use of them during corporate events, meetings, and fairs. That is the time when they meet with other organizations. Wearing a lanyard with the logo and name of the company helps them introduce their products, services, and even their motto. Custom lanyards are made to help the customers choose their desired color, size, and design to better represent their identity.

Not all materials are suited for making custom lanyards. To come up with the best results, you must use nylon, polyester, and woven materials. Nylon lanyards are quite expensive, but they are considered to be of highest quality. They are suited for screen-printing because it can show even the smallest details of the logo. If you don’t want to sacrifice quality but you are on a tight budget, polyester is your best option. It is the most flexible lanyard material because it is suited for most printing techniques. This is the reason why it is the most popular among lanyard materials. Woven lanyards are almost of the same quality as their polyester-based counterparts. From the name itself, the letters and logos are woven into the material. This is what makes the lanyard very durable. The only disadvantage is that you cannot choose a complicated pattern because embroidery is only limited to simple designs.

Several organizations and institutions use custom lanyards because of certain advantages. One example is about the use of identification cards. Whenever an employee arrives at the office, he needs to swipe his ID to gain entry and to log his time. Without a lanyard, he might need to find it inside his bag or his pocket. It takes a lot of time, so having a lanyard is really convenient. Also, custom lanyards usually have the logo or name of the company on them, so the security personnel won’t have a hard time telling apart employees and visitors. Here are some other advantages of custom lanyards:

1 .  Companies may use them as a souvenir given to event attendees.
2.  Mottos and taglines can be printed on these accessories to promote the organization’s mission or goals.
3.  Employees attending a conference or convention may use custom lanyards to promote or introduce their company to other attendees.
4.  Items attached to these cords can be easily and quickly used.
5.  These prevent items, especially gadgets, from getting accidentally dropped.
6. Misplacing things won’t be a problem anymore with the help of these cords.

As said, custom lanyards can be considered as promotional items, bringing greater exposure to the company or business. What’s most important is that these accessories don’t require a massive investment. As long as the logo, name, motto, or tagline of the organization is clearly shown on the ID lanyard, it will be effective. Companies and businesses are not the only ones that can use custom lanyards, as schools, hospitals, and other public organizations also benefit from such cords. Lanyards can also be for personal use. Creative people can make their own designs, using those as a statement which shows their personality and beliefs.

Throughout the years, lanyards have proven their durability and usefulness to individuals and companies. They can rely on its effectiveness in marketing and also, in expressing oneself. Without a doubt, anything that’s printed on these cords get noticed by many people. So, it’s only logical to continue using custom lanyards to promote and share products, services, and even personalities.


Lanyards are widely known to be used only for securing and taking care of personal belongings. This is the only purpose being considered by people in acquiring, purchasing, or making them. However, within the threads, loops, and designs manifested in a single lanyard, a deeper meaning stays and a more relevant goal is being imparted to its users. While some people believe that using a lanyard is not needed because they can take care of their things, using it can prove to be more of an advantage than a burden.

The following are the four most important benefits that a person will get in using these items:

1. Convenience

lanyardsUsing them makes the item they secure easier to use. For instance, there are institutions that utilize a security system that requires swiping of the provided identification card. Instead of having trouble picking up his wallet and getting his card swiped, using a lanyard makes swiping such card easier to do. Also, it makes sure that a person does not leave his identification card at home.

Such cords should make it easier to use secured items; so, if they accomplish the opposite, they shouldn’t be used at all. For instance, a person is not required to use a lanyard just to make sure that his cellular phone will be secured. Also, he must not use a lanyard if he is accustomed of picking up his identification card from his wallet. Deviation from common practice may give him more problems than benefits.

2. Socialization

Using them not only promotes the name of an organization; it also promotes socialization between and among its members. For instance, regular employees are very enthusiastic to know their newly employed colleagues; however, they are not confident enough to ask for their name. With the use of these items securing their identification cards, it will be easy for them to get to know each other. Also, it will help them determine if a particular person is part of their organization.

It must be noted, however, that in this purpose, the lanyard must be associated directly with the identification card it secures. Most of the time, these items are just given by the real members to their relatives or friends, and the latter will use them in their respective organizations. For instance, a person must not hastily conclude that a particular person works for a competitor company just because he is an employee of Apple but he uses a lanyard from Google.

3. Boosting morale

These items are also used to boost morale among members of organizations. This is also very evident especially among friends who have very strong relationships, creating their own lanyards as a sign of their friendship. Groups that promote a particular cause also use lanyards to show support and conviction.

Making use of these charity-related items as products for profit could prove to be a mistake, especially if the proceeds aren’t clearly used to further worthwhile causes. This damages not only the company but also its reputation because it takes advantage of such cause to earn more money.

4. Safety and security

Requiring employees and students to wear their identification cards secured by custom lanyards makes it convenient for them to follow company and school policies, respectively. It also makes it easier for security personnel to verify the identity of a person going inside the company or school premises.

The purpose of using these items may be official, legal, conventional, or personal. Nevertheless, using them suggests an even more meaningful purpose than security alone. Lanyards do not only promote safety; they also promote camaraderie, confidence, bonding, and solidarity among members.

Lanyards are well-known for being able to secure different kinds of things, ranging from cards and keys to phones and wallets.

Tips to Help You Buy Quality yet Cheap Golf Clubs

Playing golf requires you to have the right accessories, whether these are expensive or cheap golf clubs. It can help you perform well in your game especially if you are a beginner.

If you are starting in this sport and looking for a good set of clubs, here are some tips for you. These may be basic but it can help you acquire quality made yet cheap golf clubs.

1. Consider your height when shopping for golf clubs.

An ideal golf club for you should be as long as the distance from your navel to the floor. This means that if you are tall, the standard sets are not ideal for you. The right club for your height will help you swing and use it more properly.

2. Try golf clubs before purchasing them.

It is best to see if you will find the club comfortable or not. This will affect you swing.

3. Research which golf clubs are best to use.

cheap golf clubsHaving the best doesn’t mean it should be expensive. You can even find have clubs at a cheaper price. Ask your golfer friends what clubs they use. You can also get an idea by reading golf magazines and blogs. You can also research users review about a particular brand and golf club type. These are easily found on e-commerce websites that specializes in golf. Some sports blog, especially those who are concentrated on golf topics, offer these reviews.

Never take a pro-golfer’s advice. They might endorse rather than advice. Expect them to do this since they are most likely to have sponsors.

4. Consider your needs.

There is a wide array of golf clubs available in the market. As you shop you will surely encounter these and their different brands and prices. Determine, first, your needs as a golfer. If you are a beginner in this sport, then research which clubs are the best ones you can start with. The same goes if you are already aiming to be a professional golfer. Determine which clubs and accessories you need most. These will have to be more durable than before.

5. Prepare your budget.

A good set of golf clubs doesn’t have to be expensive. Cheap golf clubs is as good as the expensive ones, as long as you know what to look for. If you are in a tight budget, knowing the clubs you will need gives you an idea how much you should save. If you have enough money then you can buy expensive ones. You can also look for second hand golf club sets. These are cheaper, but you can expect it to be good quality.

6. Consider the season.

If you want to find cheap golf clubs, try checking out stores during golf’s off-season. They will offer golf clubs at a cheaper price. This is to clear out their shelves for new products.

During the off-season, the demand for new golf clubs and other accessories are low. You will find yourself with a wide array of choices and more room to move in the store.

7. Determine if you need to buy a set.

In case you are buying golf clubs one by one, but you may even consider buying a whole set instead. There are stores that offer golf club sets. Buying these can even be cheaper instead of buying clubs piece per piece.

If you want to perform well in your golf game, especially learn and develop your golfing skills fast, then you should have a good set of golf clubs and other accessories. These don’t have to be expensive. You can try cheap golf clubs instead especially if you are a beginner or in a tight budget. There are many ways for you to search cheaper alternatives without sacrificing the quality you need in your clubs. Know where, when, and how to find these great and affordable deals.


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Rock Bottom Golf has evolved into one of the top cheap golf clubs in the world. Our core philosophy is to provide golfers with incredible deals on top quality golf shirts, golf shoes, golf apparels and golf equipment.

Make Employees the Best Investment

Every business is an investment. For most companies, their investment in equipment and premises represent the biggest chunk of the pie. What many businesses fail to recognize is that manpower is actually their biggest investment. No business runs entirely on equipment and technology. It is still people who operate these equipment in order for the company to have products to offer to their customers. Protecting your manpower as your biggest investment should therefore be imperative. One of the tools that you can use to do this is the employee engagement survey.

The employee engagement survey is a tool to identify how attached the employees are to their work, team, and organization. Engagement is a lifetime factor that an employee must have. Work engagement is the source of productivity and loyalty that is very essential to make the organization grow and at the same time produce valuable assets – the employees.

Employee engagement surveyMany people jump from one company to another. When they are not happy with the shift, workload and salary anymore, they transfer to another company. Loyalty is very hard to develop especially when many competitors are growing in the business industry. An employee will tend to jump from one organization to another because they don’t feel engaged enough with the company, work, and with their co-employees. There is no commitment because they do not feel like they need to grow with the company. How does an employer know this all and avoid disloyalty? Through employee engagement survey, employers will be able to identify the employees who have problems with their work as early as possible. The earlier these problems are addressed, the earlier the company can enjoy more productivity and profitability.

Employees can only be the best investment if there is a communication between the leaders and the subordinates. Through communication, they will know what emotional, mental, financial needs could make employees feel passionate about their job. Employee satisfaction can be achieved when the employees are engaged not only with their jobs but with all other activities that help the company grow as well.

Every organization must conduct an employee engagement survey to know how committed their employees are to their work. It will show if there is a feeling of sense of purpose, initiative, creativity, care of the organization and advocacy. The results of an employee engagement survey must show what the problems of the majority are, and find ways on how to resolve their problems. From problems, they can create solutions on to how they can open up the communication between employees if communication is a problem. If limited skill is a problem, then employers can find ways how to train and develop the employees’ skills.

Successful leaders are those who can identify the problem, find solutions for development, and look into their employees’ situation. Knowing what the employees think of their work can make a difference. If an employee is not committed or attached with the organization, the organization itself will suffer in the end. Without work engagement, the performance of an employee is highly affected. They will tend to work in their minimal effort and will not care about the results that could affect the quality of service because they are not that committed with their work.

Engaged and committed employees are the best investment an organization can have. The organization will mean a lot to them because there is a sense of responsibility, pride with their work, loyalty, willingness, and advocacy. These qualities create a big impact on behavior and performance. With employees that have these qualities, there is less supervision, there will be trust among all employees, and there will be an assurance that the company will survive a long time because it takes care of its best investment – its employees.

All About Printed Circuit Board Designs

Printed Circuit Boards are important components of electronic products that have been integrated so much in modern living that we often ignore them. Hence, we are not fully aware of the significant contribution of a printed circuit board not only in making our life more comfortable but also for our survival.

The flourishing printed circuit board industry has penetrated every other type of industry and technology such as medicine, aerospace, automobile, communications, and military. The application of printed circuit nowadays is countless, yet many of us are not aware of it.

printed circuit boardBasically, a PCB is a non-conducting substrate sheet with etched copper tracks that converge at various nodes and junctions. The main purpose of a PCB is to connect different electrical parts through the conduction pathways etched on the board. In addition, the actual board provides physical support to the components.

A PCB is mainly of two categories. First is the through-hole circuit board where small holes are punched on the nodes where the part lead will go across the board and they are soldered on the reverse side. This is an old technology but still in use for cheap circuitry applications. Another use of these PCBs is for physical support of heavy parts such as high-rate capacitors and transformers.

The second type of PCB is known as the surface-mounted device circuit board. There are no holes on these boards; but rather they contain small conducting beds where the small parts are mounted and soldered using special tools. This type of PCB has higher mechanical power and either side can be used for parts because there are no holes.

Key Designs of a Printed Circuit Board

There are three main elements of printed circuit boards: a laminate board, the parts mounted on the board, and the wires connecting the parts and forming the circuit.

The actual part used in a PCB wholly depends on the purpose of the circuit. Studying which parts to use is quite detailed and need thorough technical expertise. This leaves us with traces and laminate board. The cost of production, work efficiency and operational costs of the final circuit all depend on these elements.

Of the common materials used for the circuit boards, six are manufactured widely: FR1, FR2, FR3, FR4, CEM1 and CEM3. The FR means flame retardant. FR1, FR2, and FR3 are basically the same with slight differences in their properties. They are not suitable for creating multilayer circuit boards. This is also true with CEM1.

The two laminates that can be used for a multilayer printed circuit boards are FR4 and CEM3, in which the former is massively manufactured and so is less expensive. These two laminates can be used for single and multiple layer boards, and has high thermal tolerance of up to 130 degrees Centigrade.

The most commonly used material for a printed circuit board is copper. Simple techniques involve plating the whole board with copper, and then etching away the unnecessary areas through a stencil to mark the needed traces. More complicated strategies will allow traces to be added on a board with each technique having its own advantages and disadvantages.

There are PCBs that require gold for low-voltage, sensitive applications or to comply with lead-free standard. Using copper traces will require the use of a nickel barrier sheet before plating with gold. This is to stop gold from mixing into the copper. If you want to create your own custom printed circuit board, it is best that you first study the basics of its designs. You can learn from detailed guides and tutorials. Also, there are available online firms that can help you create custom printed circuit boards in less than several days.

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The flourishing printed circuit board industry has penetrated every other type of industry and technology such as medicine, aerospace, automobile, communications, and military. The application of printed circuit nowadays is countless, yet many of us are not aware of it.

The Perks of Being a Keynote Speaker

Just like movie stars and famous singers and bands, keynote speaking comes with its own employees-only benefits that might not be directly stated in their job descriptions. These perks, although not present and available at all times, make the job more enjoyable and fulfilling for the speaker whose success comes from making meetings and gatherings successful.

1. Work only on special occasions –

Keynote SpeakerIf one takes a look at the calendar of a keynote speaker, the only time they earn their money is when they attend conventions and meetings to talk. Their business strategies concentrate on getting invitations to deliver speeches at these gatherings; so this means that every time they “do their thing”, it is always during a big company event.

2. Directly Benefit from Business Expansion –

Unlike other businesses, the moneymaker of a keynote speaker is the brain and the mouth. There are no stores or products that have to be upgraded or changed. It’s just the speaker. This means that any upgrade one will make for the business would also mean a personal upgrade at the same time. Dental repairs, Seminars, Haircuts, Spa Treatments, Facials and even movie tickets can be considered as business-related purchases because they are all aimed at improving the product; the speaker.

3. No Waiting for Salaries –

Since a keynote speaking career is a business, the payment scheme no longer follows a standard bi-monthly or monthly pay-out. If one chooses, they can earn and get paid on a daily basis if the speaker works hard enough and gets plenty of invitations to speak at multiple gatherings.

4. No Bosses –

The speaker does not answer to a boss that regularly monitors work. There are only clients to satisfy with each performance and speech. There are not monthly appraisals periods or performance surveys that require one to act nicer or work harder. Keynote speakers understand that they have to work hard all the time. This is why they do not need to worry about the biased opinions of bosses.

5. The opportunity to travel –

Depending on the location of the gatherings one is invited to, a speaker might find themselves constantly on the go to make it to their meetings and speeches. Some of the most successful speakers make trips do different countries within the same week just to make it to their appointments.

6. Get to meet the movers and shakers –

Speeches and gatherings give speakers a chance to meet and rub shoulders with company owners and CEOs. This chance could come in the form of meetings wherein these parties would talk about the central message of the gathering or even after the event to talk about observations and possible business opportunities in the future. The keynote speaker is then surrounded by successful people and in turn, learns more about how to become successful; this makes them a more knowledgeable resource person.

As alluring as these benefits sound, what truly satisfies the passionate keynote speaker is the opportunity to send a message to the people that can do something about the message being sent. It is the chance to make a difference and inform that really brings the satisfaction of a job well done. In their terms, nothing beats the joy of knowing that they have been heard and appreciated by the audiences they have addressed.

The benefits mentioned in this article simply serve as icing on the cake for a truly interesting yet rewarding career. One should not decide to become a speaker simply based on these perks but it should be done because one has a message that they need to share with people. This is what makes a speaker in the first place. This is what drives people to take this kind of job.